Aman is the CEO of UK’s first No.1 App Agency, Digiruu. He basically created our fabulous ByErim app and you’d probably find him quite familiar with his “how to oil your beard” videos you’d find on our website & Instagram! 

In this series, we’d be featuring some of our #ByErimFamily and ambassadors who would love to share their haircare, beard care tips & tricks, the do’s & don’t to their daily hair and beard routine. 


So fun fact! I never got into self-care with my beard, hair and skin until I was 29. Shocking right? It was Covid, I was a little bored and after speaking with a few people, it suddenly dawned on me that I was approaching 30 and some anti-aging stuff became a little appealing to me. 

After a whole bunch of research, internet searching and YouTube videos, I figured out what was the ideal skincare, hair and beard routine for younger looking, vibrant skin. Fast forward a few months from that moment, and still to this day I get complimented a bunch for my skin, hair and beard!


First of all, hair. I have really thick “Punjabi” hair. It can be really difficult to manage - bless my barber who has to tame it each and every time I see him. It’s so thick it won’t necessarily grow down beyond my shoulders if I was to grow it for months (as seen in Covid!). Instead, it kind of bundles up on top of itself like a mushroom! I’m telling you this because what this means is, there are some products I can use for my hair and there are some I can’t. My hair needs to be treated according to the hair type I have. So first tip, figure out what hair type you have. Check out this really good article from the ByErim team on hair types, and deduce what type you have before treating it with any products or embarking on a routine: Figuring out my hair type was a game changer!



One of my other favourite pieces of advice to share is for your beard: get a beard brush!  All you’ll need is a boar bristle beard brush. This beard brush isn’t like most other brushes. After oiling your beard (see my routine below), the boar bristles help to exfoliate your skin underneath your beard (yes that needs care too). It’s important you do this to prevent “beard dandruff” because you definitely don’t want that. It also helps to clean your beard, keeps skin healthy under your beard and also stimulates the area for healthy beard growth in areas that you may find you didn’t have much growth before. Plus this helps to evenly distribute ByErim oil and massage the skin for blood flow and healthy growth.


- Face Wash - Damp skin, cold water, pat dry with clean towel

- Moisturise - Apply little dabs on your face, use a circular motion to massage into skin - don’t ignore the skin under your beard the oil helps to access an occlusive and this basically locks in all the benefits into the beard as well your hair!  

- Eye cream - Use for skin under eyes only and apply with the ring finger as it’s a delicate area

- SPF - Same as moisturising where you use little dabs on your face and apply a circular motion to apply on skin especially in the morning

- Beard - ByErim Hair Oil - 1-2 pumps (see the How To) for a video on how to use

- BYERIM Beard Brush - Exfoliate with beard brush to distribute oils and massage skin



Something new I’m trying now: A once-weekly hair mask. My hair is super shiny and soft afterwards, and hair masks with natural ingredients has been proven to help exfoliate the scalp and retain moisture in your hair without a whole bunch of unnecessary chemicals and additives. Hope this helps!

Excited to embark on your personal hair & beard care journey and confused on where to begin? ByErim’s Luxury hair & beard oil is a great place to start! Ingredients like Almond, Amla, Argan, Coconut oil have numerous benefits and work together to bring out the strongest, shiniest & healthier looking hair. Combine this with our luxury hairbrush and you’re good to go! 

Quoting our CEO, Erim Kaur, “Natural oils are a must when repairing damaged hair & beard, it’s good to nourish them with healthy properties that work together to rebuild your hair and beard  health”.


June 28, 2022 — Social ByErim