A hair brushing experience like no other. With a combination of short, dense vegan boar bristles and long, round - tipped spokes. Our brush is designed to generally detangle whilst cleansing the hair itself prolonging the life between hair washes. Key


- Made with all natural bamboo

- Wooden handle to reduce static energy

- Cushioned rubber base for gentle de tangling especially for children

- Lightweight and can be used on all hair types and ages

- Short, dense bristles to that's perfect for use on the beard


How do I clean the brush?

As our brush is made from 100% natural materials, we suggest using a gentle shampoo and rinsing through gently, or leaving it to soak in micellar water for 20 minutes, then swiping off any debris. Leave to dry head down so bristles are facing downwards.

Can it be used on the beard?

Our brush is designed for both beards and all hair types.

What makes it halal & vegan?

Our brush is made from vegan 'boar' bristles with a wooden base. The bristles are usually derived from pig however at ByErim we designed the brush using vegan friendly raw materials thus making it halal friendly.

What is the best way to brush your hair?

We reccomend brushing gently from the bottom and slowly make your way up to avoid any tangles and frizz.

Can this be used for heat styling?

Yes, our brush is perfectly safe and ideal for heat styling.

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