Hi, I'm Erim, the CEO & Founder of ByErim!

The loss of my mother when I was just 8 years old had a profound impact on my life. In her memory, I vowed to preserve the beauty and significance of her long hair, which was tragically lost during her brave battle with cancer. Guided by my Dhadi, my wise and knowledgeable grandmother, who possessed a wealth of magical and traditional remedies, I delved into a project that would change my life forever.

Together, we spent years in her kitchen, testing out a myriad of unconventional and quirky concoctions. Through countless trials and tribulations, we persisted until we discovered the perfect combination—the key to preserving the essence of my mother's hair.

The moment of revelation marked a turning point in my life. I knew that I had a responsibility to share this incredible formula with the world. And so, 15 years later, the vision became a reality with the creation of the Luxury Hair & Beard care brand, ByErim.