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ByErim hair care essentials are just that: essential! From shampoo and conditioner to hair oil and scalp scrub, we have everything you need to enhance your hair care routine.
Our award-winning rosemary shampoo is made from 100% naturally derived ingredients, giving your hair the TLC it deserves. And what better way to follow up than with our rosemary infused conditioner, which utilizes a revolutionary 4-in-1 formula. Adding to our essentials range is our dermatologically approved Scalp Scrub, which is suitable for all skin types and designed using a revolutionary melting bead technology. Whilst we’re on the topic of oils our signature hair oil is made up of 8 pure oils and is perfect for strengthening both head and beard hair.

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PS: You can find our unique hair care kits that bundle these award-winning products together with lots of savings!

Consistency is key...

Never run out with auto-replenish

At ByErim, we aim to deliver the best in haircare accessories to complement our impressive line of essentials. With this in mind, we've put together a range of gorgeous, quality accessories, all of which pair perfectly with our luscious haircare products. Brushing is an essential part of any haircare routine, so our halal/vegan boar bristle brush is the ideal partner for your hair and beard grooming alike. And for those with longer hair, we have the Luxury Claw Clip, beautifully designed to secure all hair lengths!

We also offer the Silk Hair Wrap, a triple-layered vegan silk wrap that is perfect for gently drying hair and protecting your hair from damage.

And finally, we have the ByErim Tote Bag, the perfect accessory for haircare lovers - it's FREE with every order over £50 (UK Only)

If you're gifting and don't know what to pick, why not choose the ByErim gift card?

I'm Erim, the CEO & Founder of ByErim

At a young age, I lost my mother, and with her, the memory of her beautiful hair. Alongside my Grandma we explored her kitchen, creating our best selling hair & beard oil after 6 years of trials—a tribute to resilience.

As I grew up, I knew it was my duty to share the magic of the formulation which lead to the birth of ByErim.

Each product is designed to combine seismic innovation with a thousand year Ayurvedic secrets only found in a Grandmother's kitchen and now in your bathroom cabinet.

Real Customers, Real Reviews
Real Customers, Real Reviews

ByErim is a lifesaver, way better consistency/smell/usability and results than other beard oils available - my beard always been thick and ByErim resolves the dry skin/itching I used to suffer from. Well done!”

Real Customers, Real Reviews

“When they said ByErim is for all hair types, I was a bit sceptical but it truly does work. My hair has gotten healthier, stronger and shinier”

Real Customers, Real Reviews

“I love the shampoo and conditioner. You guys really did something with the formula! It’s made my hair so silky and soft and doesn’t give me a dry scalp. Absolutely wonderful formula! I’m even thinking of pouring it into a smaller container for my gym bag!”

Real Customers, Real Reviews

“I absolutely love the ByErim conditioner. I love that it can be used in multiple ways.  The conditioner is also a leave in conditioner. So I use it as a styling product and leave in treatment in one! I love it!”


A gift for me and a gift for YOU (but mainly a gift for ME)

Refer a friend with your unique link and they will received £10 off their first order with a unique discount code to add on at checkout!
*orders must be over £40. Terms and conditions apply.

Haircare 101

If you’re looking to begin your haircare journey, you’ll need some know-how! Throughout our blogs, you will pick up tips and tricks on getting the most from your routine. some tips on beard grooming, conditioning, and combing? And what about the benefits of using natural oils? You can find out about all of this and so much more by reading our Haircare 101 blogs.

When it comes to looking after both hair and your beard we really know our stuff and we want to pass that knowledge on to you! Dive into our blogs today to discover the benefits of our haircare products and find out how you can bolster your daily routine. We're always adding to the blog, so keep an eye out for new tips and tricks.


From our formula, to our packaging, sustainability has been integrated to every part of the ByErim experience.


If there’s one thing we love to boast about is that we’re 100% natural when it comes to our ingredients. We are strongly against all chemicals, toxins and artificial ingredients.


Whether you’ve got Type 1: straight, Type 2: wavy, Type 3: curly, Type 4:coily we’ve got you covered. ByErim is designed for ALL hair types. No ones left behind. 



Can our products be used on children’s hair?

Yes our products are pediatrician approved. However we do advise doing a patch test behind the ear and leave on for 24 hours to ensure there’s no hidden allergies. All of the ingredients can be found on our website under each product category. 

Do our products help to repair damaged hair?

In particular our oil, which is made up of 8 light weight nourishing, natural oils, helps to ensure the cuticle is smooth and also provides a slight slip to help prevent further damage. As each of the oils have a different molecular weight, it can penetrate the hair at all levels from cuticle to cortex to ensure the hair is healthy and strong from inside out. 

Can our products be used on colour-treated hair?

Yes, all of our products are sulphate, SLS and paraben free. However it is advised to speak to your hair colorist prior to using it, just to make sure it’s all good. 

Does the organic beard oil aid beard growth?

When the oil is used in combination with the scrub, this is the perfect system to ensure that you’re not only cleansing but also opening up the hair follicles and removing all blockages. After the scrub and washing it off, you go in with the oil which helps to give the skin underneath as well as the hairs themselves proper nourishment to ensure that hairs are able to grow strong and healthy. 

Is the beard oil suitable for sensitive skin?

All of our products are Dermatologically approved and made up of 100% natural ingredients. However, it is important if you have sensitive skin to do a patch test, 24 hours prior to usage for any allergies present. 

How often should I use the scalp scrub?

As this is an intensive scalp treatment, we recommend once a week to ensure that the scalp is fully cleaned of all dirt, sweat, sebum, product and dead skin build up. Try to avoid using it more than once a week unless needed. 

Can our shampoo help fight hair loss?

The shampoo contains 100% natural ingredients including radish root ferment, caffeine and rosemary which are common ingredients known to stimulate hair growth. As everyone is different, it relies on regular and consistent usage over a period of time. We recommend sticking to the ByErim routine for best results. 

How frequently should our shampoo be used?

Our shampoo is gentle and can be used on a daily basis along with the conditioner.