Let's talk beard oil

Let's talk beard oil

Ever wondered what exactly beard oil is and whether you should invest in some? This article is about to tell you all you need to know in under 5 minutes, continue reading to find out…

What is beard oil?

Beard oil has been circulating the haircare industry for quite some time now and there are many benefits to it! It is widely known to be a conditioner for the beard due to its moisturising properties, but there is more behind maintaining a healthy beard than simply conditioning (Healthline). 

Why are natural oils a must…

Natural oils are a must for beards as not only do they have properties that condition and moisturise the beard, but there are fatty acids, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and many other qualities that can improve the health of your beard. When shopping for a beard oil you must consider our Luxury Hair & Beard Oil, its a perfectly balanced formula of 8 pure oils and its all your beard needs…

A) The Multitaskers

Amla and Argan Oil are renowned favourite in the haircare community, known for their rich moisturising properties, this is an essential base to any beard oil. While they are incredible moisturisers for your beard, they also work together by targeting a bunch of different factors that contribute to the growth of facial hair. Similar to how Argan oil attributes the growth of the hair on your head, it works wonders for the beard too!

B) The Deep Cleaners

While Amla and Argan Oil work on nourishing the beard, Castor and Coconut Oil provide a deep cleaning treatment, not only for your beard, but the skin underneath too. Castor oil contains antimicrobial properties which means it actively keeps both the beard and skin clean and clear of any dirt, dust or build-up of sebum (NBCI). An added benefit, Castor oil never fails to give a little extra volume and shine to your beard!

Coconut oil is very popular in the skincare world, which makes it understandable as to why it is now a great ingredient for beard oils! This one oil has two beneficial properties, as while the oil is conditioning the beard, providing it with the perfect shine, it also penetrates the skin underneath, giving it a smooth and softer feel.

C) The Constant Fighter

Sweet Almond Oil can do it all! From its fatty acids moisturising the beard, getting deep into the hair follicles and staying sealed there for days to strengthening it with components like magnesium and biotin, sweet almond oil has you covered. 

Sweet Almond Oil also works alongside Amla and Coconut oil to say goodbye to flaky and dead skin! Fuelled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities, our oil protects the beard from external environmental damage and dandruff. By combatting dryness, dandruff and inflammation, our oil is truly the holy grain of beard oils, thus being awarded Best Hair Oil 2022!

This is why ByErim is perfect for you! 

Our perfectly blended and balanced formula creates for the perfect beard oil, with 8 pure oils varying in molecular size and penetrating different shafts of the beard, there isn’t any aspect missing out. Its non-greasy formula means it can be used daily. From moisture, to health and overall protection, we got you covered!

Our CEO, Erim Kaur, states “Our Luxury Hair & Beard Oil is the perfect addition to your haircare routine, its essentially a two-for-one and who wouldn’t want that?!”

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