The secret ingredient(s) to shiny hair

The secret ingredient(s) to shiny hair

How much do you know about the importance of shiny hair and what treatments you should be doing to achieve this look? With the harsh winter months, a fair usage of heat tools and the possibility of naturally dry hair, this is the article for you! Let’s dive right in…


What makes hair shiny?

How can you determine your hair health and what makes it shiny? Hair shine is prevalent when there is a smooth surface without ridges or holes that light can then bounce off and reflect more evenly.


One of the most influential components for having a healthy shine to your hair is moisture! Moisture is the key to unlocking the perfect shine and breaking away from the dry, dull and weighted hair that can be caused by a number of biological and environmental factors (RealSimple).


The core benefit of shiny, silky smooth hair is that it reflects your hair health (Healthline), and who wouldn’t want healthier hair?!


Here’s what’s stopping you from getting the healthy hair you deserve… 

If you didn’t know, there are a number of things that are preventing you from either achieving or keeping that natural hair shine. Here are a few we’ve put together to help you figure out the cause and how you can limit its affects:


Heat-styling tools: This is one of the more obvious ways of stripping your hair of its natural shine.


Daily shampoo washes: Regular washes means you are constantly washing away the natural oils produced by your scalp that provides and preserves shine.


Harsh chemicals, dyes and treatments: These treatments often damage your hair follicles and scalp, meaning the natural oils produced by the skin (sebum) struggles to travel down the hair and maintain a natural shine. Thus, often resulting in dull and dry hair.


The best treatments for shiny hair: How can you achieve this?

A) Amla Oil for shiny hair 

Amla oil contains rich nutrients which help to protect your hair cuticle, this is essential when using heat-styling tools or harsh treatments. It also contains fatty acids which are deeply moisturising! This, we know, is a must for a healthy shine and with its rich levels of Vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants, its likely to naturally rebuild your hair health (Healthline).


B) Sweet Almond Oil for shiny hair

Known for its intensely moisturising properties and rich antioxidants, sweet almond oil works hard to create and protect a natural hair shine. Not only does this oil add a healthy moisture and shine to the hair but it contains biotin, which strengthens the hair.


C) Coconut Oil for shiny hair 

Working harder and faster is coconut oil as penetrates deeper and quicker into the hair shaft than most oils. It is a perfect for treatment to increase hair shine as it helps to reduce the loss of protein.


D) Argan Oil for shiny hair 

Argan oil is famously known to increase hair elasticity and shine, which means reduced breakage and the formation of split ends by moisturising the hair. With the help of antioxidants, Argan oil works to control water loss and improve hydration.


E) Caster Oil for shiny hair 

According to Elle and infamous Trichologist, Philip Kingsley, castor oil works hard to trap moisture which smooths the cuticle of the hair (Elle). When perfectly combined with the oils above, natural oils are truly the key to unlocking a healthier, long-lasting shine.


F) Brushing Daily

Who would have thought? Brushing your hair daily helps to naturally distribute moisture and increase hair shine (The Healthy)!


 How to treat hair for a healthier shine with ByErim

Already perfectly blended and balanced, you’ve got all you need in a single bottle to improve your hair health and shine. Our oil works that much harder to provide a healthier shine, with the oils differing weight and molecular size, it is able to penetrate the scalp, hair cuticles and follicles at a different level. This means that the oils are working together to maximise their benefits, while being independent in weight to work differently layers of your hair.


We recommend 1-2 weekly treatments, starting with 2 pumps (dependent on your hair length) on your roots. Following this, apply another pump to the length and ends of your hair, this is considered an all-over treatment! For extra moisture and nourishment, apply daily on ends.


As our oil is 100% natural, you can personalise how you use it dependent on your hair wash schedule and personal preference! We love an all-over treatment before working out and application on ends post-styling for that perfect non-greasy shine.


As Erim Kaur states, “there’s no better way to improve hair shine than slathering on some oil (ByErim Oil of course)!
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