What are the benefits of the oil?

Based on a consistent period of usage, ByErim helps to achieve optimal hair health. As everyone is different, as with any beauty product, we do not guarantee results.

How long does the oil last?

The oil is safe to use within 28 months (2 years) of manufacturing. The date of manufacture is located on the base of your bottle.


Has the oil been tested?

Our products are examined at an independent testing facility and the results are validated by an independent dermatologist to verify that they are safe to use. They have passed ALL safety tests required for selling globally as well as being officially deemed as Dermatologically Tested, Clinically Tested, Kind to Skin and Safe for Skin.

Is the oil safe for people with nut allergies?

As the formula contains nut-derived oils such as Sweet Almond Oil, we do not advise those with nut allergies/sensitivity to use it.

Can this be used on lashes/brows?

We do not recommend using ByErim on your lashes and brows. This is because our oil has not been designed with brows and lashes in mind and these areas can be more sensitive than others! 

Is it safe for coloured/dyed hair?

ByErim has not been shown to have any effect on coloured hair, however we recommend speaking to your colourist before purchasing if you are concerned.

How do I care for the brush?

There are 2 methods. We recommend either a 10 minute micellar water soak or using a gentle shampoo to rinse off any build-up. We advise doing this once every fortnight. See the @ByErim Instagram page for tutorials!

Store away from sunlight or damp areas e.g. bathroom. Use with dry, non-oily hands.

Where can I find ingredient listings?

You can find full ingredient listing on our website and product packaging. If you have any questions about specific ingredients you can ask us via our Instagram, @ByErim or email us via

Is the brush vegan-friendly?

Yes. We use vegan boar bristles as well as bamboo and natural rubber.

Are your products cruelty-free?

We are firmly against animal testing of any kind.

What is the bottle made from?

The body of the bottle is made from recyclable glass and the pump is made from plastic.

Is the brush suitable for unisex use?

Yes, our brush was designed with differing bristle length, making it perfect for all hair and beard types.

How do I clean the brush?

As our brush is made from 100% natural materials, we suggest using a gentle shampoo and rinsing through gently, or leaving it to soak in micellar water for 20mins, then swiping off any debris. Leave to dry head down so bristles are facing downwards.

Are your products appropriate for vegans?

Yes, ByErim Luxury Hair & Beard Oil and brush (boar bristles are made from nylon) are vegan-friendly.

Does it help with medical conditions such as Eczema/Alopecia/Dandruff/PCOS/Psoriasis/Scalp Foliculitis etc.?

As ByErim is a cosmetic, over-the-counter product, we do not advise that it can be used as a solution to any medical issues. Please speak to your GP/Family doctor for the best course of action for you.

Does this help with thinning hair?

Hair thinning is a natural process as we age, however can be accelerated by a variety of environmental and genetic factors. It is important to note that hair thinning may refer to the diameter of each individual strand, as well as hair density. We have seen positive reviews for the latter, however as everyone is different, we do not guarantee results.

Does this help with postpartum hairloss?

Many of our customers have seen a positive impact on hairloss arising from childbirth, but as everyone is different, results are not guaranteed. Our oil is created to improve hair health.

Can the oil be used during pregnancy?

We recommend asking your GP before using and ensure you patch test for 24 hours behind the ear.

Can the oil prevent greying?

Greying refers to the process of hair losing pigment. Many of the oils (including Amla) we use have a high vitamin C content which has been shown to abet premature greying and even reverse in some cases. We have examples of this on our Instagram page, @ByErim. This is of course on a case-by-case basis and dependant upon the cause of greying.

My oil pump isn't working! What do I do?

Please try unscrewing the entire pump body and then screw it back on as is it meant to be screwed very tightly. It also may help to remove the pump head which comes off by pulling it carefully and then place it back. If this does not work please email with a video attachment of the issue and a member of our team will assist you within 72 hours.

Can I use this on children?

Yes, our oil can be used on all ages and all hair types. However, we do recommend patch testing beforehand and user discretion is always advised. Please check out our “kids” Instagram highlight to see the positive journeys other parents have had using ByErim on their children.

Does your oil contain allergens?

Linalool is naturally occurring due to the essential oils used in the product (which are below the legal limit of 1%). It is not guaranteed that they are found in the formula but is a possibility, which is why we disclose it on our label and website.

What does ByErim smell like?

Our oil is made up of 100% natural fragrance, deriving from essential oils. The predominant smell is lavender, which has a calming effect when applied. 

Can I use the oil on wet hair?

Yes, you can use it however you like but we advise as a wash-out treatment, rather than leave-in when using all over the hair.

Can I use the brush on wet hair?

Yes, you can use it however we recommend using a wide tooth comb to initially detangle, then once dry, using the ByErim Brush starting on your ends and working your way up to the roots, gently.



What do I do if my delivery is delayed?

We usually dispatch orders within a couple of days of purchasing and you will receive an email once dispatched, containing the tracking number.

Please allow 25 working days for estimated arrival via courier service for international deliveries and 3-5 working days for estimated arrival for UK orders. Of course due to COVID-19 and Black Friday demands delivery times will vary which is out of our control! However, rest assured we are working with Royal Mail and our global partner, DHL, to gain more insight and ensure your order gets to you as soon as possible!

Before placing an order we recommend that customers check the latest delivery times directly with the local postal service provider for their country as handling, shipping and customs times are outside of our control.

How do I track an international order?

Once an order has been dispatched, you must track via the website of your respective national courier service. Please use the tracking number provided in the email.

How do your sales work?

First come, first serve basis. Whilst stocks last. Please keep in mind that during holidays, limited edition launches or sale periods order processing may vary. We cannot cancel orders made before a sale once it has been announced, should someone wish to re-order. All orders placed during a sale are final and cannot be refunded/cancelled.

You cannot use multiple discount codes during a sale period. (i.e. discounts cannot be used all together)

What type of address can I ship to?

We only deliver to residential address, we cannot guarantee a delivery to a non-residential address - secure lockers, post office box and etc. 

Can I change or cancel my order?

All sales are final, however if you have any issues, please get in touch via You have 1 hour after completing your purchase to request cancellation or edits to address. You are responsible for filling out your correct address. Once the order is marked as dispatched, no amendments can be made and we are not liable if it goes to an incorrect address you have entered. Refunds are sent to the original payment method only.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept card Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and (both credit and debit), PayPal and Apple Pay, in order to provide a speedy checkout option.

What if my bottle arrives damaged?

On the rare occasion that your order is damaged during transit, please contact us immediately so we can resolve the issue quickly. Should you receive your item damaged in any way, immediately inform the delivery company as soon as possible to file a claim for damages and also inform ByErim within 1 working day of receiving your damaged parcel. KEEP ORIGINAL PACKAGING and take photos of damage to use as evidence.

Do you deliver internationally?

Yes! We deliver to most countries, however please do check yours is available during checkout. With regret we are unable to ship our Hair Oil to Ireland due to an update of restricted goods published below from Sept 2021.

How does Next Day Delivery work?

This is for UK customers only and is valid for all orders placed Mon-Fri before 2pm. It is sent on the next business day. i.e. if NDD is chosen on a Friday, it will come on the Monday. This excludes weekends and Bank Holidays.

How do I get a tote bag?

We are sending FREE tote bags with every order over £50. Simply total your cart with our existing product range to £50, then a tote bag will be added to your cart. 1 per order.

How do I download the app?

Our app is available on Google play & Apple App store and you can download via: Here, you can access our affirmations & wallpapers.

Why can't I get the oil in Ireland?

Due to new Import laws, oil can no longer be imported into Ireland, but rest assured, the brush is still able to.

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