The solution to your dry, dull & damaged hair

The solution to your dry, dull & damaged hair

We can all relate to damaged hair, no matter the cause, so there is nothing to be ashamed of! Damaged hair can be most frequently be known for causing dry, brittle and coarse hair that’s prone to breakage. To that we say enough! It’s time to reinvent your hair and nurse it back to health, we got you…


What causes hair to damage?

Perhaps you’ve spent a little too much time with heating tools or bleached your hair for that perfect shade or your hair simply lacks moisture, all of these can contribute to damaged hair. Not only how you treat your hair can cause damage, but also external environmental factors. For example, sun exposure, the harsh winter weather, humidity and many more (Healthline).


Another key, yet often overlooked, factor is stress! How you feel and fuel your body can affect your hair more than you thought, Medical News Today mention how stress can cause damage to the hair (telogen effluvium – the medical term for stress induced hair loss).


There are also hidden factors that we can bet you didn’t know was damaging your hair! For example, tight and pulling hairstyles. While these might look cute in the moment, in reality, it can break the hair away from its roots with its constant tugging on hair follicles and cause follicle damage, splitting and tensile stress (Byrdie)!


How can we minimise damaged hair?

In most cases, no matter the cause of hair damage, our hair is left with a coarse, dry and brittle feel meaning its lacking in moisture and the hairs elasticity has reduced. To minimise the look and feel of this, it is important to add moisture back to the hair! This is why we look to natural oils for damaged hair…


Why natural oils are essential for damaged hair: 

A) Fuelled with Rich and Fatty Acids!

Amla Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Caster Oil are known for being rich in fatty acids. These provide intense moisture to the cuticle, this is crucial when protecting your hair whilst using styling tools or entering harsh weathers. They are known to lubricate the hair shaft which increases the flexibility and elasticity of the hair, thus reducing the chance of further breakage (NCBI). It also improves blood circulation when massaged into the scalp, this is vital for hair growth and rejuvenation.


B) The Undefeated Trio…

Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil and Amla Oil work together to be the perfect match to protect your hair and nourish it back to health, leaving it soft and shiny (NCBI)! Amla oil is full of nutrients that help to protect and nourish your hair cuticle. Mixed with Sweet Almond Oil, this combination is like no other, the nutrients work hard together to strengthen your hair and keep all kinds of bad bacteria and fungal infections away from the scalp.


Meanwhile, Argan Oil’s Omega-6 and Omega-9 properties work to improve and maintain a healthy scalp. Omega-9 (linoleic acid) has also recently been known to activate hair cell growth (MPDI). It’s also famously known to increase hair elasticity and shine, which means reduced breakage and the formation of split ends by moisturising the hair.


C) The Stand Alone Fighter

Coconut oil is known to improve the condition of bleached hair. With over bleaching or incorrect use of bleach, the protein in your hair is broken apart leaving you with dry, brittle and broken hair. Filled with moisture, coconut oil will become your saviour as it seals the moisture into the hair follicle and prevents the loss of protein, as well as, helping with texture and shine!


D) Essential Oils for Damaged Hair 

In line with industry regulations, the ByErim formula includes three essential oils (lavender, rosemary and bergamot) at 1%. Lavender oil is the most searched for essential oil in the UK and it is known for deeply conditions the hair and providing an overall soothing effect.


The benefits of ByErim for damaged hair

Blended and balanced to perfection our non-greasy, highly nourishing oil is all you need to restore your hair health. We recommend 1-2 weekly treatments, starting with 2 pumps (dependent on your hair length) on your roots. Following this, apply another pump to the length and ends of your hair, this is considered an all-over treatment! For extra moisture and nourishment, apply daily on ends.


As our oil is 100% natural, you can personalise how you use it dependent on your hair wash schedule and personal preference! We love an all-over treatment before working out and application on ends post-styling for that perfect non-greasy shine.


A quote from our CEO, Erim Kaur, “Natural oils are a must when repairing damaged hair, it’s good to nourish the hair with healthy properties that work together to rebuild your hair health”.
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