The Curly Hair 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

The Curly Hair 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

Curly haired readers, this one's for you - we’re about to save you a lot of time. With Christmas around the corner, it is only right to treat your curly-haired loved ones, including yourself, to some tender love and (hair) care!


The challenges of curly hair

The beauty of curly hair comes with its challenges; some include frizz, lack of volume, dryness and more (Naturally Curly). Let’s explore some of the most common issues and investigate the reasoning behind them:


a) Why curly hair can go frizzy

Let’s talk about the F word: Frizz. This can occur in naturally curly hair, most typically because of dryness. A reason is that natural oils created by our scalp struggle to travel down the hair shaft of curly hair (more so in comparison to straight hair). The result is an overall lack of moisture, followed by the appearance of frizz (Healthline). After a wash, the way you dry your hair can also contribute to frizz. For example, some people find that using a regular terry towel, aka the hair moisture thief, can absorb way more than it is welcome to (Allure)!


b) Sleeping with curly hair

Sleep; peaceful to some but a stressful process for many curly haired people alike! Sleeping on your back can cause friction from moving your head side to side, resulting in frizz, tangles and leaving your curls looking less defined (Healthline). This is even more likely when sleeping with wet hair, as our strands are more prone to breakage and damage.


c) Brushing curly hair without losing its curls

A hairbrush can be your best friend… or even your worst enemy! While brushing your curly hair comes with many benefits (helps to detangle knots, contributes to shine, etc.), when not done properly/over brushing can lead to damaging your natural curl pattern. In addition, as curly hair is prone to dryness, using the wrong type of brush or brushing too aggressively (guilty!) also affects the shape of your curls while amounting to breakage and frizz (Bustle).


The stocking fillers

They say the best things come in small packages, and they weren’t wrong!

Heated caps: These look like regular shower caps but thicker, to be heated up and used to cover your hair after a hair mask or oiling session. The direct heat helps to lock and trap moisture in our starved curls, reducing dryness (Byrdie).

Silk pillowcase: The smooth surface of these pillowcases reduce the friction on your hair and can decrease hair shed, tangles and frizz - a godsend for curls (Good Housekeeping).


The BIG presents

Want to make unwrapping the big gifts worth it? Here is what to go for...

Hair steamer: Steamers use moist heat to help open the hair cuticle to deeper penetrate strands (increases hydration) when conditioning or using other treatments (Glamour).

Pack of microfiber towels: Replace your regular terry towels with these immediately! Microfibre towels are gentler on your curls, help to preserve the shape, and make the drying process quicker. 


The travel sets

Making sure that your curls are well taken care of on the move is super important!

Mini shampoo & conditioners (S&C): A travel-friendly set of moisturising and hydrating S&C’s when away from home go a long way for your curls (psst, stay tuned for the ByErim S&C launching soon)!

Silk scrunchies: Help keep your hairstyle together in a protective (reduces friction and frizz) but stylish way.


The care package

We all need to treat our hair to what it deserves; the ultimate form of self-care and love.

ByErim Luxury Hair & Beard Oil (unisex): This combination of 8 pure nourishing oils (including argan, amla & coconut) are blended at the perfect quantity and work overtime to hydrate your curls. There is a 100ml and 50ml (great for the travel set too) bottle available!

ByErim Luxury Hairbrush (unisex): Made with all-natural bamboo wood, flexible/dense bristles and a slim curved handle, the ByErim brush is designed for styling and an overall gentle brushing experience - suitable for all hair types!


Both the ByErim oil and brush are a match made in hair heaven. So join over 60,000 people worldwide in joining the ByErim family while investing in the most sentimental curly hair Christmas gifts going!  

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