Silk Hair Wrap


Luxury like nothing you've experienced before. Our triple-layered weighty vegan silk hair wrap provides the ultimate post-wash experience to help absorb all the wetness without stripping your hair of the moisture.

Key Features:

100% ultrasoft vegan silk helps to reduce friction and hence breakage which is common when as hair is most vulnerable when wet

Can be used overnight to protect hair from tangling and balance oilness from root to tip

Our silk is moisture-wicking, temperature regulating and naturally hypoallergenic

Size-inclusive for those with long hair!

How To Use

After washing your hair, flip your head upside down and place the wrap (button side) at the nape of your neck. Collect all hair into the body of the wrap, twist and secure with the button. We advice leaving this on for 20 mins to fully absorb all the excess water gently. Can also be used on dry hair as an overnight protective style.


What makes this better than microfibre/bath towels?

These are usually made of cotton which fully absorb the moisture from your hair. Plus they are single-layered so the water is sitting on your head for longer which exposes you to harmful bacteria and fungi. Our wrap is made of 100% vegan silk which helps to prevent over stripping of your hair's natural moisture whilst gently pulling away excessive water from your scalp as it evaporates through each layer.

How do I wash it?

We recommend leaving it to dry on a heated towel rack after every use and putting it in a cold laundry wash after every 10 uses.

Can kids use this?

Yes. As their heads are smaller, we advise twisting the body of the wrap a few more times to ensure for a snug fit.

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