Everything you need to know about thinning hair

Everything you need to know about thinning hair

Why does our hair thin over time?

The dreaded nightmare that is hair thinning can creep up on us when we least expect it; don’t worry, you’re not alone! There are many reasons, such as genetics (which can sometimes pre-determine the fate of our hair), age, our health, and so on (NHS), that can impact the thickness of our hair.

For example, hormonal changes in the body, such as menopause or thyroid disease, have listed hair thinning as a common side effect. In addition to this, iron deficiencies, eating disorders, diabetes, and even stress can cause hair thinning at differing levels (WebMD).


a) Why is healthy hair the secret to thicker hair?

When combined with the lifestyle choices that are best for us (speak to your GP if you ever have any concerns), the other key to healthier hair can lie within a good hair care routine. When we help our hair reach its optimal level, it can promote thicker and more luscious strands - sign us up!

All-natural oils are always the guest of honour at our healthy hair care party. While hair oils can’t directly cause hair growth, they are great for supporting healthier hair through moisturisation and the stimulation of our hair follicles. For example, the Luxury ByErim Hair & Beard Oil formula combines eight highly nourishing oils that contribute to healthier and thicker hair. Keep reading to find out more about each special ingredient…


b) Amla oil for hair growth

According to scientists, amla oil is great for improving the look of your hair and promoting hair growth (yes, please!). It is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals, which, in ayurveda (traditional medicinal practises), is believed to naturally build your hair health (Healthline).



c) Sweet almond oil for hair growth

Sweet almond oil has the whole package of vitamin E, minerals, omega fatty acids, and vitamin B7 (which we know as biotin). Biotin assists in thickening your hair as it promotes follicle regrowth (Byrdie). Overall, sweet almond oil is known to make your hair stronger and less prone to split ends, meaning that the process of excessively losing damaged hair is reduced (Healthline).


d) Coconut oil for hair growth

What is the big deal about coconut oil? Many have considered it an all-rounder with an endless list of health benefits for your hair! Coconut oil has vitamins and fatty acids that not only nourish the hair but also aids in the removal of sebum (oil produced by the skin) build-up from hair follicles, which can quicken the hair growth process (Marie Claire).


e) Argan oil for hair growth

Referred to as ‘liquid gold’ (Healthline), it is impossible to mention all-natural oils without talking about argan oil. This is because Argan oil contains vitamin E, which according to a study, was found to help in improving hair growth stimulation (NCBI). Not only this, but the combination of antioxidants and fatty acids in argan oil help to nourish the hair and protect against heat damage, which can amount to less hair shedding.


f) Castor oil for hair growth

Castor oil includes ricinoleic acid (which helps increase the scalp's blood flow), encouraging growth. Moreover, castor oil also contains antimicrobial properties that fight off nasty intruders (infections and bacteria) away from the scalp, making it the perfect condition for new growth (Harper’s Bazaar).


g) Essential oils for hair growth

Not only does lavender and rosemary oil smell amazing, but they are also known for their incredible health benefits. For example, lavender oil (which contains antibacterial properties) and rosemary oil (which has the power to enhance cellular generation) both help to improve your scalp health and contribute to thicker strands (Healthline).


Are you impressed by the above and wondering where to start? The all-natural and vegan ByErim formula of 8 perfectly blended oils sits in the home of over 60,000 people worldwide. Check out our homepage reviews to see how ByErim has helped in the overall hair health and thickness of thousands - we can’t wait for you to begin your journey today!

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