Castor Oil for Hair: Your Complete Guide

Castor Oil for Hair: Your Complete Guide

What is castor oil?

Castor oil is a thick base oil pressed from castor beans. The general consensus is that it works magic for your hair because it is nutrient-dense with antimicrobial properties, which keeps the bad stuff (bacteria and fungi) away!  

Heat-pressed vs cold-pressed castor oil

Cold-pressed castor oil, known simply as castor oil, is produced without heat and is pale yellow in colour. In contrast, heat pressed castor oil goes by Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) on the market, requiring a huge amount of heat to extract the oil. It is dark in colour (a dark yellow to light brown) because of its high ash content, created when the castor beans are roasted. Because ash is alkaline (of a high pH level), it helps open up the cuticle and increases the absorption of the oil into the hair shaft and scalp. Both types of castor oil are made up of about 90% ricinoleic acid, a fatty acid that fights inflammation, reducing itching and irritation (NCBI).  

ByErim uses cold-pressed castor oil because it is purer and more natural than heat-pressed castor oil!

What are the benefits of castor oil for hair?

Let’s get into all the reasons why castor oil is good for your hair, and why our founder, Erim, decided to include it in the formula for our ByErim Hair & Beard Oil...

  1. a) Is castor good for hair breakage?

Castor oil is rich in fatty acids (like ricinoleic, linoleic, and oleic acids) which lubricate the hair shaft (NCBI). By doing this, the hair becomes flexible, which reduces the chances of breakage. Another thing it does is prevent dandruff. Though dandruff in itself is harmless, it doesn’t look great and can make some people feel self-conscious. The condition also causes a lot of itching, which leads to scratching, and unfortunately, your hair falling out!

  1. b) Can castor oil help grow your hair?

Castor oil improves blood circulation when massaged into the scalp which is vital for hair growth. Aside from reducing breakage and dandruff, it also locks moisturise into the hair (Holland and Barrett). 

  1. c) Castor oil for hair roots

Castor oil gives your hair much needed TLC by conditioning your roots and sealing in moisturise into the scalp. 

Is castor oil good for beard growth?

Just like with the hair up top, castor oil works wonders for beards. Its antimicrobial properties mean that your beard and the skin underneath will remain clear and clean! It also never fails to give volume and shine to the beard.

Should you use castor oil on your hair every day?

Experts recommend using castor oil once a week even in curly, coily and grey hairs that are more prone to dryness. When used multiple times a week, the hair may end up matting as a result of the buildup. 

The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about using too much or too little castor oil because our ByErim Hair & Beard Oil has got everything mixed in the perfect quantities! Because castor oil is so thick, it is often mixed with other base oils like coconut oil (also included in our Hair & Beard Oil), and sometimes essential oils. Here’s where we come in as your certified one-stop shop, offering the perfect blend of three essential oils (at 1% as per industry regulations) and five base oils wrapped up into one convenient luxury purchase!

The values of family are at the core of the ByErim brand! You deserve to thrive, and what better way to show off to the world than with the healthiest and most lustrous of hair? Use our ByErim Hair & Beard Oil every day for your ends and twice a week for your roots and the length of your hair. For your beard, you can use it three to four times a week.

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