Luxury Claw Clip

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Finally, a clip that fits ALL your hair! Be it straight, wavy or curly this claw clip was designed to be strong and large enough to handle whatever you (and life) throw its way, whilst looking incredibly chic and understated. The claw clip of your dreams has officially landed

Made from strong, durable and recycled plastic

Smooth matte finish to compliment all hair colours

Smooth ended teeth to ensure no scratching or pulling across your hair

Rounded clasp for more control and accessibility

Signature ByErim logo on the handle for the extra brownie points!

Frequently asked questions

How do I wash the clips?

How do I wash the clips?

Run it though with shampoo and cold water, leaving to dry for 20 minutes

Is it strong?

Is it strong?

Yes! Our Founder, Erim has very long hair and always struggled piling all of her hair into one claw clip so she designed this to be strong enough to hold all of her hair as well as yours!

Do you have tutorials on how to use this?

Do you have tutorials on how to use this?

We are sharing lots of videos on our socials on creative ways to use this. Head to @ByErim over on Instagram and TikTok to see!

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Designed for all hair types